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Gold plated quality and peace of mind

As a Gold Certified WooCommerce partner, we are expertly positioned to design and develop beautiful eCommerce sites that deliver big results, with increases in conversions and revenue by as much as 300%.

The benefits of choosing Emote

Quality conversions by the only Golden-tier ecommerce agency in Melbourne

Quality conversions

Not only will your eCommerce website perform better, it will attract quality traffic that converts.

Increased sales and enquiries

We have a proven history of increasing sales and enquiries for our clients through the insights and optimisation we put into every eCommerce website design.

Resolve business issues in a single agency

Resolve business issues

More than just web design, we help you solve business issues and fine tune your operation.

Enhanced credibility

A beautiful results focused eCommerce website improves your brand’s value, credibility and online success.

Quality assurance

We pride ourselves on building quality eCommerce websites that are delivered on time and on budget after undergoing our rigorous testing process.


Using the integrations that come with WooCommerce, we’re able automate processes and streamline your business’ online operations.

Team up with a Gold Certified WooCommerce partner.

A powerful, full featured eCommerce system, WooCommerce expands on the functionality of WordPress to create a beautiful online experience that is flexible, scalable and easy to use.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source fully customisable eCommerce platform built on WordPress.

Why use WooCommerce?

As a flexible eCommerce platform, we build your site the way you want and give you the tools to manage it.

Integrations with WooCommerce.

From accounting and payments, to marketing and shipping, WooCommerce has a full range of integrations to make your business run smoothly.

Our Process

We have a process that uncovers your needs and delivers a beautiful result whilst ensuring your project stays on budget and on time

Rather than getting stuck into eCommerce website design immediately, we focus on getting to know you and your business.

  • Providing business logic, we recommend solutions that improve your business
  • We look at your target audience and customer profiling
  • To find your point of difference we conduct competitor analysis
  • Establish goals and expectations for your eCommerce website

We present interactive wireframes to you, allowing us to focus entirely on perfecting the user experience before starting design.

  • Create a UX that satisfies both business and user needs
  • Establishing your business rules we enhance conversion points
  • Everything is made intuitively for customers to checkout or get in contact with you
  • Unlimited revisions on wireframes before approval
  • Planning for updates and new features

Our teams work closely to deliver a project that is not only beautiful, but also visually functional and reflects your brand.

  • Take wireframes and make them look visually stunning
  • We put the eCommerce design under a lens to assess usability and logic
  • Representing brand positioning, we create something that reflects goals and conveys trust
  • Unlimited revisions on design concepts before approval

This is where the designs are brought to life. Our developers appreciate little things: clean code and pixel perfect layouts.

  • Quality development – sticking to project timelines and pricing
  • Further assessment of the UX to ensure maximum conversion down the line
  • Built to be flexible for future updates/stages
  • Using the latest technology, we ensure your site is contemporary

We integrate existing software solutions into your eCommerce website to streamline your business operations and save you money.

  • CRM, ERP, inventory management, accounting and POS integrations
  • Shipping and fulfilment
  • Accounting and payment gateways
  • Email and marketing automation
  • Marketplaces (eBay, Amazon etc.)
  • Analytics, reporting and testing
  • Custom built integrations

Each website we produce goes through rigorous testing to ensure everything is of the highest quality before deployment.

  • Physical check in modern browsers and automated cross-browser testing
  • Broken link testing, W3C validation, CSS validation, usability testing and more

We can continually monitor your website and make optimisations to increase UX and conversions as needed.

  • Ensure you’re across new and relevant technology as it becomes available
  • Make recommendations to keep you ahead of the competition
  • Enhance and evolve the user experience as your business grows or needs change

NC Fitness

Created to convert

Fitness gear company NC Fitness had an own-built WooCommerce website that struggled with speed and stability. NC Fitness engaged us to rebuild the website from the ground up with a strong focus on usability, speed and stability.

View Project

NC Fitness

Only Mine Chocolates

Sweet hand made user experience

With a full range of colourful and attractive products, Only Mine Chocolates were the perfect eCommerce client. From their custom product selector through to the checkout process, everything was tailor made – with no templates in sight. 

View Project

Only Mine Chocolates


Streamline your business 


Integrating the right software into your eCommerce website reduces manual work and creates a fully functioning online ecosystem that can save on operational costs and allow your business to grow.

From marketing automation and shipping, through to processing orders and accounting, you can save money by automating and streamlining areas of your business with trusted integrations. Our team of experts work with clients to implement key operational software into their website for a seamless experience.


We don’t build a eCommerce website and let it go, we can constantly adapt and evolve your website over time to ensure your asset is protected and performing. 


All of our eCommerce websites are hosted on dedicated servers to ensure no unnecessary slow downs or outages.


Don’t worry about the small things, we can handle updates, fix issues and make improvements. 

Service Agreements

With a service agreement you can expedite response times, with no waiting around for quotes on fixes or updates. 

"The work done for the Only Mine website by Emote Digital was second
to none! The feedback from customers and performance has been outstanding."

Jason Stockton - Only Mine Chocolates

“Emote have been absolutely amazing, highly responsive and proactive in helping us improve our presence online.”

Stefan Gehrig - King Kong

"After years of bad experiences with developers and designers, I decided to listen to all the awards and use Emote Digital. Not only are they exceptionally good, but they are a great company and great people!”

William Strange - Three65 Underwear

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