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We’ve delivered 300+ digital projects and managed countless campaigns across 70+ industries.

Our dedicated team can customise digital solutions to your every need.

With 30+ industry awards, we know how to produce beautiful results.




Our team forms the fabric of Emote Digital. We have a close, talented group of individuals, with a strong passion for their chosen field and for delivering exceptional results for our clients. Everyone brings their unique skill set and love for what they do.

Ben Wheelhouse

UK Director

Ben has a flair for client communication, strategy and analysis. Specialising in paid advertising, he takes pride in planning and implementing campaigns that provide businesses of all sizes with a strong return for their investment across a range of digital marketing channels.


Boyd Roberts

Strategy Director

Having worked with hundreds of companies around the globe, Boyd is known for his energetic and detail oriented approach to business. His background in branding and digital spaces provides him with a rare blend of creative and commercial knowledge.


Brendon Wright

Digital Projects Director

Brendon works with clients to provide beautiful online solutions that work for their business. Utilising his background in User Experience, he is able to provide insights into how to improve overall website experience and functionality, whilst achieving solutions that satisfy business requirements. 


Matt Davies

Digital Marketing Director

Matt is driven by a desire to deliver for clients. His ability to foster and build strong client relationships is a key element of Matt’s success. He thrives on interpreting data and getting results for clients, while constantly learning and enriching his knowledge about the ever-changing digital world.


You are only as strong as those you partner with. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with providers, partners, publishers and other agencies in order to achieve for our clients. Without them, we would not be able to do what we do at the level we do it at.



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