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Genesis Health & Fitness

Digital Marketing

With well-equipped gyms, personalised coaching, and group fitness classes, Genesis Health and Fitness Clubs offer something for everyone. The fitness industry is experiencing a recent boom, so Genesis wanted to find the right audiences and demonstrate their unique offering. We ran a series of social media advertising campaigns to attract new members and franchisees and drive sign-ups.

Google Rating

Brand Growth across Multiple Areas

Along with their open gyms, they offer a variety of classes and programs for members. They’re also expanding throughout Australia, so wanted to attract the attention of potential franchisees. We ran targeted ads for each of these areas, as well as seasonal campaigns to drive sign-ups for gym specials and challenges.

Social Advertising Performance

Genesis have an organised calendar for all of their promotional offers, so we made sure our different ad sets all worked in sync with their internal plan. Taking into account Genesis’ various growth objectives, we rolled out many social media campaigns all with on-brand creative and copy.

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