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McDonald Murholme

Digital Marketing

McDonald Murholme are employment law experts. Starting with Emote back in May 2016, they were in need of an agency that took them seriously, could get their marketing performing, and provided monthly reporting. We were perfect for the job. We targeted and attracted the right audiences through Social and Search Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation.

Google Rating

Search Engine Optimisation

Driving quality leads and improving business

It was clear that improving the website’s organic traffic would also drive quality enquiries to the business. Via SEO, we significantly increased both organic traffic and online leads.

Search Engine Advertising

A long-term approach to results

As one of our long-term Search Advertising clients, McDonald Murholme were able to benefit from a long-term Google Ads plan. We target audiences across four different states through search and display remarketing campaigns, which have been generating leads in the form of phone calls, emails, and enquiry form submissions.

LinkedIn Advertising

Leveraging the world’s most popular professional network

We used this channel’s acute targeting to create effective campaigns, based on McDonald’s Murholme ever-changing target market. By operating a live strategy, we were able to action immediate changes based on any trends in their online leads. We tailored ads towards both specific job titles and target companies.

Managing a Sub-Brand – Employment Law Online

Directing targeted traffic to a niche web presence

In order to boost their overall organic conversions, we helped this client manage a website under a separate brand. This helped to answer the public’s questions regarding employment and their rights, whilst also linking through to their main site to direct users likely to convert.

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