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Brown Brothers


Brown Family Wine Group needed a way to introduce a recently-acquired boutique wine brand in a way that would be well-received by their established customer base. We developed a strategy to not only overhaul their website and online store, but slowly roll out their newest brand as a welcome addition to their product range.

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Part of a whole

A suite of sites working together as one. We created a unified multi site that runs all four brand sites off the same core. This not only allowed different brands to be cross sold across each website, but allowed for a unified shopping experienced that maintained each brand’s unique character.

Keeping track of stock

Stock control over multiple sites with one centralised database. The stock master acts as a direct point of communication for all four sites. Stock levels and product information can be managed from one spot, allowing for instantaneous updates across every site.

Order rules

We set the purchase rules, minus the usual customer frustration. Shoppers can see a live countdown tool that helps them to fill their 6 bottle minimum order before proceeding to checkout. Exceptions to the rule can be implemented for specialty products, making this system effortlessly customisable. This addresses a common issue with online stores and ordering rules, creating a positive user experience.

Purchase across brands

Allowing brands to be cross-sold across all Brown Brothers sites means products are available from more than one online location.

Modular Design

Built to allow custom pages to be created from a collection of pre-designed modules. Each Brown Brothers website is based on the same template, but full customised for each individual brand.

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